Profile: Chef Shane McAnelly (Bricoleur Vineyards)

Seasonality, Supporting Local, and … Squash?

One Sonoma chef is taking “farm to table” to the next level with “plant to plate”—one Koginut squash at a time. On a crisp fall evening, I visit the beautifully appointed Bricoleur Vineyard in Windsor for a fall harvest themed dinner. As Bricoleur’s Executive Chef Shane McAnelly places the evening’s first course on the table, the rolled-up sleeves of his chef’s whites expose a fantastic tattoo of a flaming sauté pan and three kitchen knives on the underside of his forearm—including a Japanese Damascus steel knife with wood grain patterning on the blade.

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Published in: Haute Living January/February 2021
Steph Keay, Bricoleur Vineyards